Ellsworth, Magnolia with no power as storm bears down

WORTHINGTON - Early morning storms led to 60 to 70 poles down on the transmission line along I-90 at the Magnolia Exit. Nobles Cooperative Electric and Sioux Valley Energy are working to "back-feed" power to as many members as possible. Unfortunately, the towns of Ellsworth and Magnolia will be out of power until the line is rebuilt. Crews are working as quickly and safely as possible, and help from additional crews has been requested.

Ellsworth Mayor Tasha Domeyer is working with Emergency Management Director Joyce Jacobs to get residents in a safe, warm place before the blizzard hits. Domeyer said there are a few available beds at the nursing home, or people should check with family in other locations for a place to stay.

"We're going door to door to check on the elderly and make sure everyone is aware that power is going to be off for 48 hours or more," Domeyer said. "Once the snow starts, it's going to be cold and the roads will be impassable."

Jacobs has requested that anyone with air mattresses that can be used please bring them to the nursing home, but be sure to mark them with their name first.

"We're trying hard to pre-plan," Domeyer said.

The water should remain on, as they are hooked to a generator. If it becomes a problem, Domeyer said, they will go door to door with bottled water as long as they can get their hands on it.

For assistance with placement, to offer help or any other information, contact the Ellsworth Fire Hall at 507-967-2351 or call Domeyer at 507-920-9202.

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