Early birds capture the medallion

WORTHINGTON - Congratulations to Dalton and Dominic Larson of Worthington, who found the King Turkey Day medallion Tuesday morning before heading to school for the day with help from their mom Jessica.

Dalton, age 9, and Dominic, age 6, deciphered the clues with a bit of help from dad Jesse, who read clue #2 and was pretty sure the word 'square' referred to the block in front of the Nobles County Government Center along the turkey race route. He was right, because the boys found the medallion hidden in some bushes at the base of a pillar with a big W on it at the corner of 10th Street and Third Avenue.

The family has searched for the medallion before, but this is the first time they have been successful.

The two boys plan to split the $100 in Chamber Checks. Dominic is hoping to purchase some kind of football game, while Dalton is thinking he might like a Nerf gun.

We'll hear more about the search from Dominic, Dalton and Jessica tomorrow. 

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