Dynamic duo: Two friends find medallion together for the second time

WORTHINGTON - It took just two clues and visiting several different spots, but friends Lydia Mick and Stacie Nagel found the King Turkey Day Medallion Tuesday night in front of the Worthington Fire Hall hidden amongst the landscaping.

According to the ladies, they became friends through church, and used the medallion hunt as a way for one to show the other - who was new to town - around the city of Worthington. It became a fun habit twice a year for the two to search for the King Turkey Day and the Winterfest medallions.

In the first clue, the phrase "answer the call" had the two thinking the medallion was near the fire hall, but they looked and didn't find it. They took a turn through Olson Park, visited Sailboard Beach and checked a couple other areas before focusing their efforts on the fire hall once more. They searched during lunch breaks and after work before landing the prize Tuesday night.

This isn't the first time the duo has found the medallion - several  years ago, they found it together in a hallowed out log at Slater Park. They said they have come close a few other times.

At the moment, they are undecided what they will do with their $100 in Chamber Checks. Mick admitted she still hasn't used hers from the last time they found the medallion, and Nagel said she used the funds from hers to purchase a puppy.

For a look at all of the clues and the list of winning button numbers, go to myradioworks.net.

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