Winterfest Clue #3

WORTHINGTON - Here we are on day 3 of the Winterfest 2020 Medallion Hunt. Get out there are find that medallion, turn it in to the Worthington Area Chamber of Commerce and claim your $100 in Chamber Checks!

A community conspires to help one of their own

WORTHINGTON - Robyn Moser walked in the back door of The Stag Monday and struggled to hold back tears. The evidence of what had happened over the weekend while she was away on a mini-vacation was overwhelming, and keeping her emotions in check was a battle.

"Words just aren't enough," she said Monday.

Too much winter for Winterfest?

WORTHINGTON - The Worthington Winterfest Committee is once again trying to anticipate what too much winter will do to the upcoming festivities. With the weekend's weather forecast in mind, the committee met Tuesday to hatch a game plan, which comes down to this - decisions on moving forward with the activities will be made at noon on Thursday.

Winterfest 2020 Clue#2

Here are your Winterfest Clues so far...

Winterfest Medallion Hunt begins today!

WORTHINGTON - Winterfest is here! The 2020 Medallion Hunt starts today, and clues can be found daily on the Radio Works websites and heard on your favorite Radio Works station. As always, the medallion is hidden on public property, and you should not need to dig or climb to get to find it.