Northland Mall property to change hands: Marthaler signs purchase agreement

WORTHINGTON – The Northland Mall property is being sold once again. Yellow Company LLC, a company owned by Aaron Marthaler, has entered into a purchase agreement with Brian Pellowski of PBK Investment to purchase the property for a sum of $1.6 million, according to a letter sent to the city of Worthington.

The letter states the Marthaler Automotive Group anticipates the construction of a new Chevrolet facility on the site by September 1, 2016.

January 20 news

WORTHINGTON – Winterfest weekend is drawing closer, and with it comes the excitement of the crowning of Winterfest royalty, along with the chili cook-off, the fishing tournament, the YMCA Don’t Get Lost in the Frost walk and the Deep Freeze Dip, along with the Kiteboarding and the pond hockey. But first, the hunters have to fund that elusive medallion. Here’s clue #3:

It’s a lonely spot in the winter
But in summer can be quite busy.
As winter progresses the mountains grow
Not of rock but of crunchy snow.

Winterfest Medallion found!

WORTHINGTON – Doug Bakkene had a productive morning on Wednesday. Before 8 a.m., he had found the 2016 Winterfest medallion and discovered a break in the city’s water system, all during his morning walk.

It was the first time Bakkene had hunted the Winterfest medallion, and he found it at the top of the slide in the playground equipment near Buss Field. He said he left the house in a hurry, even jogging at some points so he would get to the field before anyone else. In clue no. 3, it was the mention of the growing mountains of snow that had him heading to Buss Fields – the city piles snow in that location each winter, causing the snow piles to grow as winter progresses.

January 19 news

WORTHINGTON – With yesterday’s chilly temperatures, it’s hard to say how much Winterfest medallion searching took place, but here’s clue #2 for today’s hunters:

Each year I choose a new place to abide
More searchers are out there, so please don’t collide,
Put on your boots to tromp through the snow,
A hood on your head to keep warm as you go.

January 18 news

WORTHINGTON – Winterfest is right around the corner, and with it comes the Chili Cook-off, the Deep Freeze Dip, the crowning of royalty, ice fishing, hockey and of course, the medallion hunt. The Winterfest medallion is out there right now, waiting for someone to solve the clues and find it.