Love INC Worthington weekly update 5-17-19

Love INC Worthington executive director Greg Wede is back in studio for another Love INC Worthington update

Sanford Employee of the year announced

WORTHINGTON - Sanford Worthington named their employee of the year on Wednesday, naming long-time nurse Pat Van Waus.

County letters of termination to drug task force rescinded

WORTHINGTON - Changes to the voting make-up of the Buffalo Ridge Drug Task Force Board were approved this week during a meeting of that board, and the three counties involved - Murray, Nobles and Pipestone - rescinded their letters to terminate the agreement. The three counties had all submitted termination letters a few months ago amidst turmoil on the board regarding voting rights and chain of command. The counties pulling out would have effectively ended the task force.

Nobles County Spring Load Restrictions extended

WORTHINGTON - Spring Load Restrictions for Nobles County gravel roads have been extended until next week Thursday, May 16, according to Nobles County Public Works Director Stephen Schneider.

Love INC Worthington weekly update 5-9-19

This week Love INC Worthington's Clearing House Coordinator Gretchen O'Donnell joined us to talk about what the clearing house does for Love INC and how the process works for those who come to Love INC for help.