Winterfest activities rescheduled to February 1

WORTHINGTON - Impending weather, with watches and now warnings, have been talked about all week, and it seems as though winter is ready to show up in force once more. Temperatures plunged overnight, and the wind is expected to have some serious bite in the next couple of days.

Knowing all of that, the Worthington Winterfest Committee took a good, hard look at the forecast, and met Thursday to discuss what would happen with all of the events planned for Friday and Saturday. In a nutshell, Winterfest has been postponed due to winter.

Winterfest Clue #4

WORTHINGTON - We're at day number 4 of the Worthington Winterfest Medallion Hunt, and today will also bring a decision by the Winterfest Committee about whether to go ahead with activities given the impending weather. Keep an eye out for updates on the Winterfest Facebook page and right here for information as it is released.

In the meantime, here's clue #4:

Winterfest Clue #3

WORTHINGTON - Here we are on day 3 of the Winterfest 2020 Medallion Hunt. Get out there are find that medallion, turn it in to the Worthington Area Chamber of Commerce and claim your $100 in Chamber Checks!

Too much winter for Winterfest?

WORTHINGTON - The Worthington Winterfest Committee is once again trying to anticipate what too much winter will do to the upcoming festivities. With the weekend's weather forecast in mind, the committee met Tuesday to hatch a game plan, which comes down to this - decisions on moving forward with the activities will be made at noon on Thursday.