COVID-19 update for April 2

MINNESOTA - The Minnesota Department of Health reported Thursday that confirmed COVID-19 cases in the state are now at 742, with 18 deaths. More than 30 percent of the cases were caused by community transmission, the MDH said.

All clear given after JBS evacuated due to bomb threat

WORTHINGTON - Worthington Police Sgt Tim Gail reported shortly after 10 a.m. that officers and JBS staff had completed a search at the pork processing plant after a bomb threat was reported earlier in the day.

Nothing was found, he said.

Area food pantries still open; need certain items

WORTHINGTON – As the COVID-19 pandemic makes changes in everyone’s life, support organizations all over the country are trying to adapt to social distancing, quarantines and drastic employment circumstances.

At the Manna Food Pantry at 230 West Clary Street, Linda Sanchez said normal donations are down drastically in both monetary and food poundage.

Paycheck Protection Programs loans open to small businesses Friday

As early as Friday, April 3, any and all FDIC lending institutions, credit unions and other approved lenders will be authorized to make 100 percent federally guaranteed Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) Loans to small businesses with 500 employees or less, according to U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin.

The following offers a simplified explanation of the program. The program begins on Friday for small business and sole proprietorships and will start on April 10 for independent constructors and self-employed.

Coronavirus statistic updates for April 1

MINNESOTA – According to COVID-19 statistics released today by the Minnesota Department of Health, confirmed cases across the state are now at 689 cases, up 60 from yesterday’s daily release of information. There have now been 17 deaths in the state, and as of today, there are 54 people in the hospital, 27 of which are in ICU.